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    The Gripper - For Cues

    "The Gripper" Cue Caddy by Bauer has been the proven protector of pool cues for years. Thousands have been sold around the world to amateurs and professionals alike.

    "The Gripper's" unique design and patented formula (rubber like composition) provides for the most accepted concept of pool cue protection the industry has ever known. It is because of this that Bauer offers a 30 day money back guarantee. (Including shipping!) When we say; "It grips like glue and cradles your cue like a mother cradles her new born baby" we really mean it. "The Gripper" Cue Caddy by Bauer is completely portable, no clamps or any other device is used to secure it's movement. Measures 3" x 4.5" x 1.75". Fits most cue case pockets and is kept clean and fresh looking with just a few swipes of a damp sponge. Available in six colors (specify color when ordering).

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    The Gripper - For Rifles/Shotguns

    Are you tired of costly repairs to rifle stocks, barrels, sights, and scopes? You need the "Gun Caddy"

    The Gripper gun caddy will firmly grip to any flat or semi-flat dry surface. There are no magnets, suction cups or clamps to fool with. Just set it in place and it does its job. Relocation is as simple as picking it up and placing it where you want when you want.

    The Gripper is made of a soft rubber-like compound. It actually grips anything placed in its three large recessed areas. These areas will accompany various sizes of rifle barrels. In fact many sportsmen have been known to use them to support their fishing rods. The Gripper is one of those gadgets that comes along once in a great while that really works; its adaptablity is only limited by your own imagination.

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