Gripper Caddy -Original 5
Gripper Caddy -Original 5

Gripper Caddy -Original 5

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The Gripper Caddy Original 5, also referred to as our Team Gripper, offers two more storage slots than the original Gripper Caddy, while maintaining the rugged usability and versatility of the original.

Gripper by Bauer's Gripper Caddy was originally designed in 1994 as a device to provide protection for billiard cues. Thousands have been sold around the world to amateurs and professionals alike. The unique design and patented formula (rubber like composition) provides for the most accepted concept of pool cue and rifle protection the industry has ever known. Simply set this product on a flat surface and it is ready to go. No magnets means that the Gripper Caddy will work on fiberglass, wood and plastic surfaces as well as metal surfaces. A metal bar inside the Gripper Caddy means that it can be permanently mounted if you want to drill through it and bolt it down. Gripper Caddy's can be used for pool cue sticks, fishing poles, firearms (unloaded of course), ski poles, hockey sticks, a broom, mop, cane, umbrella, rake, snow shovel or whatever else you can think of! Buy the Gripper Caddy Original 5 by Bauer today!

Be sure to check out the Carrying Strap (see photo), it works great for cue cases and bags with small pockets, or if you just want to easily carry the Gripper Caddy Original 5 by itself!

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3" x 1.75"

Weight: 26.3 oz.