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Our Gripper® Caddies go with you anywhere...

You can throw our Gripper® Caddies in a bag or cooler and head to the lake, the outdoors or a pub, where you can enjoy a game of pool, after a great day fishing or hunting. Our Gripper® Caddies are like no other in the industry -versatile and easy to use.

Gripper Caddy® by Bauer Enterprises

Gripper by Bauer® Caddy was originally designed in 1994 as a device to provide protection for billiard cues. Thousands have been sold around the world to amateurs and professionals alike. The unique design and patented formula (rubber like composition) provides for the most accepted concept of pool cue and rifle protection the industry has ever known.

Family owned and operated. Made in the USA.

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Before fishing or hunting any type of game or fowl, be sure to check your city, county and state guidelines.

The Gripper Caddy® is not to be used as a means to prevent accidental discharge of a firearm. All weapons must be unloaded prior to using Bauer’s Gripper Caddy®. is the property of Bauer Enterprises, a subsidiary of Reiff Injection Molding Inc, based out of Spokane, Washington. Neither Bauer Enterprises and/or Reiff Injection Molding Inc, sell any type of weapons.

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