Gripper® Pole Locks (5 sets)

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The Gripper by Bauer® Gripper® Pole Locks (5 sets) is a great tool for both novice and experienced anglers. When dissembling a fishing pole for transport or storage, simply snap the "Pole Lock" on to the lower half of the pole with the line in the line guide area. Then pull apart the top half of the pole and snap it into the other side of the "Pole Locks" making sure to line up the line with the line guide area.

The Gripper by Bauer® Gripper® Pole Locks are made out of a special blend of materials to snap a fishing pole together for storage and transport. The special line guide is designed to reduce tangle with other poles. 

- Completely portable

- Easy to clean with a damp cloth

- Made in America

DISCLAIMER: Before fishing or hunting any type of game or fowl, be sure to check your city, county and state guidelines.